My name is TJ Simon and I am a photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. 

Photography offers me the opportunity to combine my inspiration and motivation into how I make a living. Work is half of your life - if you don’t enjoy what you do, how do you expect to be happy? Behind my camera, I feel comfortable enough to take certain risks and challenge myself to overcome my fears when I otherwise wouldn’t.

My primary interest has been in landscape photography; it’s been an encouragement for me to travel to new places across the United States and abroad.  From there, I have my interest developed further and I started working with portraiture and events. It is enjoyable because it offers a very different environment with social interaction and I am able to capture those special moments between friends and loved ones. From weddings and events, I wanted to learn more about studio work because different pictures require different skills and equipment. It has opened up a whole new world of experience and afforded me the opportunity to meet others and hear their stories. 

Photography feels selfless because it is meant to be shared with others. I like the freedom of opportunity; it allows me the option to travel and it brings something different everyday. Other peoples' pictures have inspired me to go and see places for myself and it brings me joy to have a personal touch in photography working with others and capturing the true essence of my subjects.  I hope my work can do the same for you.