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AStro Workshop - August 18, 2018

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Join me for a night of photographing stars and the Milky Way. This workshop will take place on Saturday, August 18th at Artist Point, just above Mt Baker Ski Area. This is a wonderful location with 360 degree views of the North Cascades with Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan being the prominent peaks in the range. This environment will allow us to photograph a variety of scenes including tarn pools left behind from the snow melt, star trails over the glaciers of Mt Shuksan, and most importantly - the Milky Way over the summit of Mt Baker. 

This workshop is designed to elevate your abilities behind the camera, while providing a memorable, serene experience enjoying nature.  The images you will learn to create by refining your skills through this workshop will be a valuable tool throughout your future pursuits. Improving your skills with your camera is tremendously valuable, and often times hobbyists discover talents they didn’t realize they had.  Enhancing your technical abilities ultimately enhances your images; besides creating amazing photos for your family and friends, you can create pieces to sell as an extra source of income or to simply support your hobby.  

Join me for an incredible night under the stars in one of the most beautiful locations in the Northwest. This workshop is limited to 8 places, so be sure to book now below!



  • Understanding composition with night photography

  • How to use your camera while photographing the night sky

  • Adventure and memories


  • Transportation

  • Food

  • Lodging (if needed)


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