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Finishes: Prints are offered in a variety of finishes ranging from paper, acrylic, aluminum or canvas.

  • Paper**:
    • Semi-Matte:  A flat finish with no sheen or reflective properties
    • Lustre: A soft sheen paper which is half way between gloss and matte
    • Glossy: A highly shiny glossy finish which is very reflective
  • Acrylic: photo prints are face-mounted to plexiglass. The plexiglass offers a protective cover to the print while creating a vibrant finish. Acrylic prints come with a backer that allows them to be hung.

  • Aluminum: super high gloss prints mounted to metal. Aluminum prints use metallic paper that once mounted to the aluminum, the image becomes very vibrant. Aluminum is my personal favorite finish.  Aluminum prints come with a backer that allows them to be hung.

  • Canvas: printed onto canvas and then stretched onto a frame. 

** Paper prints are not framed or matted.

*** For a listing a prices, please visit my prints page or click here.