After many years of practicing photography, I've realized that had I taken a workshop much of my time spent learning techniques and gaining a better understanding of my camera could have been better invested.

This is an opportunity for you to improve your images and have a better understanding of your camera.  I offer a variety of workshops ranging from:

* General Knowledge - learning the basics of your camera and understanding your settings.

* Landscape - improve your landscape images by learning about composition, blending and focus stacking to name a few.

* Astrophotography - learn how to capture the night sky while being mesmerized by one of nature's most beautiful wonders.

I currently offer weekend workshops which you can choose from below after clicking "book now".  If you would like to schedule something during the week, please contact me so I can check my availability.  

I also offer discounts on groups of three or more, so if you and a few friends are interested, please contact me for a group rate.