Iceland - Day 5

September 4, 2016

Due to some complications, we had to drive back to Reykjavik. Being the type who can't sit still, that didn't last long before I decided to head back out and explore more. 

We headed back towards Skógafoss. We made it out there just in time to catch the sunset. I wish there had been a bit more color, but really, such a petty complaint considering that we were able to watch the sunset over this astonishing waterfall.

Icelandic Sunset

Icelandic Sunset

I grabbed a few photos and ended up making small talk with yet another photographer (shocking, right!?). His name is Jason Speth - a really nice guy, very well traveled and based out of L.A. Please take a look at some of his work on his website -

Antonia and I headed into the restaurant to try and grab a bite to eat and kill some time waiting and hoping to catch the northern lights over Skógafoss. Jason and his girlfriend, Amanda, joined us. It was nice chatting with two people who have been to Iceland, but also places that I have not yet visited. I always enjoy meeting other people and being able to talk travel and photography with them.

We all visited a bit longer before they closed the restaurant and asked everyone to leave. We walked back to our car, I grabbed my camera, sat and waited for the clouds to break so I could get a clear view of the northern lights, but it all turned to a bust. Meanwhile, while I was waiting, I happened to notice a Jeep parked in the lot and sure enough, it was Cory that I had ran into earlier in the trip. Now I know Iceland isn't that big, but to run into the same person 4 out of 5 days in different parts of the country is crazy if you ask me. We chatted for a bit, asked how the other days of one another's trips had been going, and then parted ways again as Antonia and I were planning to make the drive back to Jökulsárlón in hopes of a beautiful sunrise. 

Gullfoss Sunrise

Gullfoss Sunrise

We started to make our drive towards Jökulsárlón. We made it to Vík before the weather went from bad to worse. There was low fog and it was raining sideways - I could barely see and was moving at a snail's pace due to the weather. Knowing just how bad the roads are out that way and what type of terrain we were in, I made the decision to turn around and head back. It was frustrating as we had driven an hour and a half for no real reason, but I would rather have played it safe than ended up sorry.

I decided that we would head back inland and try and catch the sunrise at Gullfoss. It would take us a few hours to get there, but my hopes were high. We made it to Seljalandsfoss before I realized I was entirely too tired to drive, so we pulled off the highway and slept in the car for a bit; a quick hour and a half nap was all I needed and then we hit the road again.

Day 5: in the books and leading into day 6 - the final day of our adventure. 

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