Behind the Photo: Best of 2016 - Grands Montets

Would you be shocked if I told you that yet another one of these comes from Chamonix?  ...Didn't think so.

The Grand Montets is one of the areas where you can access one of the glaciers.  It's a symphony of peaks being carved out by the most erosive force of nature.  There are two cable cars operating in this area during the summer.  The first stops just below the bottom of the glacier - I can only assume that at one point in time this station was actually on the glacier.  The second goes up just below the Aiguille Verte.  

From the first station, we took the trail that heads towards the Glacier d' Argentière.  As you wrap around the last bend, you are greeted with the sight of towering ice columns.  We continued on the trail until we reached a point where you can get as close to the glacier as possible.  The glacier rests above a giant mound of rock surrounded by green mountain sides.  The landscape is constantly moving and shifting - we heard rocks falling all around.  As the glacier continues to move down the mountain, below the pile rock is where the ice that has fallen from above comes to rest, it's a pit where the fallen rock and ice rest before it all melts and flows down stream into the valleys below.

It's a rather beautiful place where you can truly see the power of these ice giants at work.  But it's also a very sad place when you realize how rapidly these glaciers are melting.  I'm fortunate to have seen them and hope that I can see them again before they have melted away.

If you find yourself in Chamonix, this is another one of the "must see" places.  For more info, visit the Chamonix website by clicking here.



Technical info:

Canon 6D
Canon 24-70 f2.8L II
B+W 82mm circular polarizer
ISO 250
1/160 seconds

Grands Montets 

Grands Montets 

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