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Iceland - Day 4

Sleep. Who needs it? That's certainly how I was feeling at this point considering the long days and nights. 

Our first planned stop for the day was Goðafoss. Goðafoss isn't a very long drive from Mývatn. We arrived and of course it was already fairly busy; seeing as how beautiful it was, it's not a surprise. The waterfall is a horseshoe shape; beautiful clear, blue water pours into the river below. 

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Iceland - Day 1

Iceland - what can I say; Iceland is never-ending beauty. No matter where you go, you'll be blown away with the aesthetics of this country.

Having arrived late in the day, we stayed in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital city. We stayed the night at the main campground within the city, Reykjavík Campsite. It's conveniently located, affordable and a major stopping point for people passing through the country; a fantastic place to meet other travelers. We spent the night discussing our plan of attack as I really wanted to get around the entire country this trip. Last year I had the same ambitious plan, but not enough time and I didn't plan the trip extensively enough to know where we would stay outside of Reykjavik. This year we had more time and I planned the trip much more meticulously to ensure we could make it around the island.

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