Behind the Photo: Best of 2016 - Ten Mile Milky Way

Back in September I was in Colorado photographing the lovely wedding of Jason and Sam.  I was on my back to the mountains from Denver and stayed in Breckenridge for a night to catch up with my friend Mariko, who I had not seen in a few months.  

While I was waiting for her to get off of work, I drove up French Gulch Road which heads up towards some of the old mining parts of the Breckenridge area.  I had found this area while out one day at work when I used to live in the area.  There's a rather direct look back towards Breckenridge ski area with very little obstruction in the way.  The sky was relatively clear and once my eyes adjust to the night sky, I could see the Milky Way overhead.  I got out my camera, bundled up (because it was rather cold) and grabbed a few photos.  

Colorado is a fantastic place to get night photos.  Though there are many small towns amongst the mountains, the sky is still nice and dark allowing for wonderful views.  The mountains add great foreground detail.  One of the many things I do miss about Colorado is the clear nights - it's wonderful for anyone interested in astrophotography.


Ten Mile Milky Way

Ten Mile Milky Way

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