Goodbye, 2016

2016 was a year full of ups and downs, for me and for everyone.  

I'm not one for "resolution" or any cliche shenanigans, but I am one for optimism and looking forward.  2016 did come with losses, but it also came with opportunity.  Many of those opportunities have become inspiration, inspirations that I'm going to take with me to 2017 and try my hardest to build on.

Life is about looking forward and doing what's necessary to move forward, otherwise we would be stuck.  I'm not one for being stuck - I embrace a life filled with adventure.

"This was my last photo taken in the year 2016 - a farewell tribute to the year.
I went out in hopes of catching the sunset over Mt Hood, but as I got east of town I could see it was completely overcast.
Rather than losing all hope, I decided to head out towards the gorge and see what I could find.  
This was at one of the small parks along the waterfront very near Multnomah Falls."

This photo should serve as a reminder to others, and certainly me, that just because things don't look promising doesn't mean you should give up.  Sometimes you just need to adjust your course to find what you are searching for.

Happy New Year to all!

TJ SimonComment